Tartan Group, LLC is built on more than 30 years of experience understanding that organization success is driven by a few critical leaders. High performing organizations engage our firm to find, develop and retain pivotal people, people critical to the success of the organization. We work with clients across north America and across industries. Our pivotal perspective and focus on "fit" enables us to successfully onboard mission-critical leaders that are key to achieving business growth objectives. 

Our depth and diversity of experiences have shaped our understanding of why some businesses succeed while others fail in the same markets. The difference between the success and failure of most organizations is often attributed to leadership. The only real competitive long term advantage an organization has is its key people. We know that potential is interesting, but performance is everything. Organizations with strong leadership teams and engaged employees deliver superior results.  We have developed robust processes to ensure we approach each project with a focus on "fit".

We understand that staffing decisions provide the greatest opportunity for organizations to influence performance. Getting it right is important!  We find and develop mission-critical leaders for organizations.

We follow a RIGOROUS, miSsion-critical Four Step executive placement PROCESS


Tartan Group uses a rigorous process that starts with thorough understanding of the position and prerequisites necessary for candidate success by developing  a multidimensional candidate profile, which includes education, job experiences and other key characteristics. We incorporate a deep understanding of how the position will impact the organization's strategy.  We outline thorough explanations of role expectations and key attributes for candidate success into a detailed candidate profile document to ensure internal stakeholder clarity and alignment. This profile clarity, including the subtle nuances, enables us to achieve highly targeted search results.


Our Wrong Fit Firewall® vetting method enables us to avoid any prospects that appear to be strong but will hinder organizational growth, which saves our clients valuable resources.  We work to ensure the right fit.  This critical process step prevents a wrong fit for both the client and candidate.


Our approach allows us to only advance the candidates the skills, experience and cultural fit
necessary for top performance. We use advanced sourcing techniques to identify and
attract talent.


Onboarding can make or break the success of new hires. Companies with strong onboarding processes have statistically better employee retention and productivity levels. The cost of a single failed executive level manager can be as high as $2.7 million. We ensure successful retention and shorter ramp up time to performance through accelerated orientation and effective team engagement in a 90-Day custom onboarding process. 


We transform key leaders into masters.  It is often more effective to help a leader develop or adjust skills than to exit and replace them.  Our process is to partner with the executive to identify the developmental opportunities and  help them make critical adjusts.  These skill adjustments can be transformational in an executives ability to lead and deliver results.      

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  • Chief Executive Officer: Engaged to find a transformational leader for a declining electronics industry business. Tartan Group led this national search and helped the Board design a timely, effective selection process resulting in landing a top leader.  
  • Chief Executive Officer: Engaged to find a successor to the CEO. This privately held high growth organization needed a seasoned leader.  The organization had a well-developed strategy with innovative industrial products in growing markets in Oil & Gas, construction and mining. Tartan Group helped find a leader to build the required organization and strategic relationships to double the revenues over five years.
  • Senior Vice President Operations and Supply Chain: Global responsibility with 40 plants and distribution locations on three continents. A transformational leader was identified and successfully on-boarded to drive operational excellence system wide.
  • Vice President - Global Supply Chain: A rapidly growing client in the retail market needed a strong global Supply Chain Leader to develop the strategic focus and support of the suppliers, logistics and customer interface. 
  • Chief Technology Officer: The client needed a leader to rebuild and energize a multi-site global R&D organization focused on creating a commercial product pipeline and strong customer support.
  • Director, Finance and Administration: Client required a seasoned Finance leader with strong international manufacturing and acquisition experience capability of succeeding the CFO in 3-5 years.
  • General Managers - Site Business Unit Leaders: Tartan Group supported a rapidly growing, highly acquisitive logistics and manufacturing firm to help them upgrade leadership talent. As openings occurred, we sourced General Managers to upgrade talent. Through our screening and vetting process several positions were filled by the first candidate interviewed. Our understanding of client objectives and advanced level of screening rigor provides value and cost savings to clients.
  • Engineers - National recruiting initiative: Tartan Group led an engagement to source 38 Engineering Project Managers across North American sites to support a $2 Billion capital program. 50% of the candidates we presented to the client for interview received job offers. We helped them complete the project 3½ months ahead of schedule. 40% of the candidates hired were diverse.
  • Other national search projects included: VP and Director level Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Quality and Lean / Six Sigma Transformational leaders.