Confidential, personalized, coaching support built on a foundation of experience and proven world class methodology:

  • Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Career / Executive Coach

    • Provide coaching to support to CMU Alumni (Webinars, Coaches Chat, and One - One support for career and executive effectiveness.

    • Facilitate Tartan Circles “Small Business Owners” group

  • Business Owners

    • We help small business owners who have reached the ceiling of complexity break through the chaos and continue to grow.

  • Leader Development / Leader Effectiveness

    • We help leaders at all levels become masters.

    • We partner with leaders to refine their skills and expand their capabilities.

    • It is often a wise path to help an executive with seasoned coaching support rather than incur the disruption of replacing them.

    • Successful organizations have found it very effective to "grow their own" leadership talent.

"Common sense just ain't that common."- Roger Pelenski

  • Team and Organization Effectiveness

    • We help organizations understand and develop high performing teams.

    • Projects have included leading change and implementing a LEAN (TPS) culture.

    • We help the leader understand the critical path in successful organization transformation.

"People don't mind changing, they don't like being changed"  Author unknown

  • Job Search / Career Management

    • Early career through senior executive resume preparation and job search strategy.

    • Non - traditional job search methods for college graduates to senior executives. We help clients seeking to make a job change "learn to hunt" by applying effective, non-traditional search techniques. These techniques will fundamentally change how you look at your career and job search.

"We help clients with challenges of job change and career transition."

  • Executive Outplacement Support

    • Resume preparation

    • Developing an effective job search strategy, "Learning to hunt" using non-traditional methods.

    • Ongoing support during the duration of the search process.

We work with each client to understand the need and objective and then to develop a custom plan and approach to help them to reach their goal.    Please contact us for a menu of services or to request a custom support program. 


Who was your teacher_Image.jpg

I welcome discussion with leaders across industries for input on my current book project, "Who was your Teacher?"  We all have people who have played significant roles in influencing who we are today.  In addition to these teachers some of our best lessons do not come from our success but rather from our failures.  I am seeking discussions with leaders across the world to answer the question "Who was your teacher?" and to understand how we impact others by our example.  


Note: Coaching service is not available to candidates under consideration for active Tartan Group client search projects. We will offer suggestions but must honor the integrity of the selection process with search clients.

 CLIENT Testimonials:

A career human resource professional:

“Gerry brought clarity to the ambiguity of “career transition.”   Gerry’s strategic and systematic approach provided me with ideas, a path, and an action plan to a successful end.  Gerry’s wise counsel inspired me to think…what am I passionate about…what actions will then take me to my goal?  

Gerry listens, shares his experiences, ideas and tools that a person may use who truly wants to take action to make a change in their career.  With 100% confidence I recommend Gerry to anyone considering a transition in career.  It will be the best phone call you will ever make.”

Recent gradate Master of Science Degree program

"Gerry's coaching was invaluable to me in reorienting myself to the job market after graduate school.

Generously sharing his wisdom and his own remarkable story, Gerry completely changed my perception and understanding of the job search. He in fact taught me how to hunt. Not only that, he helped me to put this knowledge into practice, making numerous connections for me. Gerry was a source of counsel and encouragement throughout a transitional period. The skills that he helped me to cultivate will serve me for the rest of my career.

I recommend Gerry absolutely. I am grateful to have had the pleasure of learning from him."

Master of Science graduate - Technology

" Gerry's mentoring has been invaluable to me--he completely changed my views on the benefits of interpersonal connections and helped me develop rewarding relationships in the technology community.  His guidance fundamentally changed the way I conducted my job search and continues to influence my professional development.  Gerry was extremely generous with both his time and connections.   He was a pleasure to work with; I give him my highest recommendation."

Upon request we will connect you to the professional(s) who provided any of these testimonials.